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Boy, haven't I been away long!

A multitude of excuses not to go online have been piling up on me for the past month... First off, all the work from college - you know I had to make a Java applet to play Tic-Tac-Toe? Mine's the coolest. Wanna see it? - that keep me away from dialling up and spending time online. Then the 3vil g4m3z that leech into my head and won't let me spend a moment of my free computer time doing anything other than bash my head in trying to get ahead in them (I've finally steeled myself and uninstalled all but one of them, and the one remaining is the one I can't find the CD of :D). Adding to the conspiracy is my accursed phone line, which somehow only screams excessive amounts of brown noise into the pipeline when I'm trying to dial into my ISP.

Right. Bad excuses. Here's a good one to come back online: I have a month-long holiday from college! Whee!

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Location: New Delhi, India
Age: 19
Biography: i'm likely the only person from a non-occidental, developing country 'round here. not that it matters: in the big cities in india, coke and pepsi are sold at every corner, mcdonalds in every big market, hollywood movies in the multiplexes, and pollutants in the air. in fact, in the 'posh' areas, the only thing that gives away that you're living in a still-developing country is the number of beggar children pestering the cars stopped at every intersection. but enough about the country, let's talk about me. i have to admit, i'm not really a writer. i like to think of myself as more of a wandering mind who keeps getting strange and sometimes philosophical ideas. and the only reason i write science fiction is because it's the coolest way to get these ideas out. angelas says she writes stories because her 'heroes need their stories told.' i have no heroes. i don't come up with stories in terms of characters, plots, any of the usual things that make a story. i manage to come up with an interesting idea, and attempt to weave a story around it. my characters, plots, and stories are merely devices to get that unique idea across. this is probably the wrong way to approach fiction, but then, i'm really not a writer.


Author(s): Isaac Asimov, Greg Egan, Douglas Adams =)
Book(s): Foundation, The Hitch-hiker's Guide...
Genre(s): Science Fiction - Hard, Philosophical.
Quote: And you lost me there / What's the point of playing if you're trying to win? - Blues Traveler
Currently Reading: Joseph Heller's Catch-22

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